LP: Judge Bone & Doc Hill – Big Bear’s Gate (Bone Voyage BONE-0081), 2008
CD: Judge Bone & Doc Hill – Big Bear’s Gate (Bone Voyage BONE-0082), 2008




  1. Big Bear’s Gate
  2. You Hate Me And My Stetson Hat
  3. Do The Hoodang
  4. Down To The Cold Cold Ground
  5. Bonnie George Campbell
  6. Ramona
  7. Seventeen And In Misery
  8. Buffalo’s Bone
  9. 15000 Heads
  10. Fare Thee Well
  11. Train Train Train
  12. Say You Love Me Baby
  13. I Let The Angels Do The Dreaming

Release date : 23.4.2008

Judge Bone (Tuomari Nurmio) guitar, vocals, footstomping
Doc Hill (Markku Hillilä) drums
All songs written by: Judge Bone except 5 Lyrics trad.
Translator and co-writer: Markku Salo 1,3,10

Arranged by Judge Bone & Doc Hill
Co-arranger on Buffalo’s Bone: Ahti Marja-aho

Assistant producer: Asko Keränen

Recorded at Doc’s Garage by Judge Bone & Doc Hill 2,5,6,7,9,11,13
Recorded at Altai Studios by PD 3,8,10
Solo performances recorded at Judge’s Garage by Judge Bone 1,4,5,12

Mixed by Pentti Dassum
Analog mastering by Leo Fourastie and Asko Keränen at Altai Studio
Final mastering by Jaakko Viitalähde at Kuu Studio

Judge Bone photos by Pasi Rytkönen
Doc Hill photo by Anu Valve
Shoes photo by J.S.Karjalainen

Cover by Jussi Karjalainen & JB

Thanks: Liza